The Grade Company


Britain's most celebrated movie mogul, Lord Lew Grade, is unique in his achievements in both film and television. His television works from Robin Hood, The Saint, The Persuaders , Jesus of Nazareth, and The Muppets, and his films such as The Eagle Has Landed, Voyage of the Damned, and the Oscar-winning On Golden Pond and Sophie's Choice, are well known, and continue to be enjoyed throughout the world.

Lord Grade enjoyed a long and successful collaboration with producer/director John Hough on numerous films and television projects.


A Hazard of Hearts

Producer: Lord Lew Grade
Director: John Hough
Starring: Diana Rigg, Helena Bonham Carter, Edward Fox,
Christopher Plummer
Running Time: 90'
Year of Production: 1987

Compulsive gambler Sir Giles Stavenley (Christopher Plummer) has lost his entire estate and fortune. In a final game he stakes the hand of his beloved daughter, Serena (Helena Bonham Carter), on the outcome he feels sure to win against the evil Lord Wrotham (Edward Fox). Lord Justin Vulcan (Marcus Gilbert) intervenes on behalf of Serena, only to fall in love with her when the later meet.

The Lady and the Highwayman

Producer: Lord Lew Grade, John Hough, Albert Fennel
Director: John Hough
Starring: Emma Samms, Oliver Reed, Claire Bloom, Hugh Grant, Michael York, Robert Morley
Running Time: 90’
Year of Production: 1989

Young Lady Panthea Vyne (Lysette Anthony) meets and is immediately attracted to a handsome highwayman who saves her from her brutal husband, who is killed in a fair duel. Later, when Charles II is reinstated as King of England, Lady Panthea attends the Royal Court only to become the arch enemy of the King's former mistress.

A Ghost in Monte Carlo

Producer: Lord Lew Grade, John Hough
Director: John Hough
Starring: Sarah Miles, Lysette Anthony, Christopher Plummer, Samantha Eggar, Joanna Lumley
Running Time: 90’
Year of Production: 1990

Weary of her public life in Paris, ageing courtesan (Sarah Miles) takes her beautiful orphaned niece, Mistral (Lysette Anthony) from her convent home to relocate to Monte Carlo to begin a new life. With new identities, they are soon the talk of Monte Carlo, becoming the object of numerous admirers with less than honourable intentions. Will Mistral's chance for happiness be destroyed by her aunt's secret plot for a long-awaited revenge?

Duel of Hearts

Producer: Lord Lew Grade, John Hough
Director: John Hough
Starring: Alison Doody, Michael York, Geraldine Chaplin, Virginia McKenna
Running Time: 90’
Year of Production: 1991

Lady Caroline Faye (Alison Doody) meets Lord Vane Brecon (Benedict Taylor) and is immediately attracted to him. When she discovers he is accused of a murder he did not commit, she sets out to prove him innocent. Taking a position as companion to his mother, Lady Brecon (Virginia McKenna), only to discover that the Brecon family is not only rich in land and fortune, but also rich in secrets.