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Fighters Inc.

Now developing their next feature film.

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Fighters Inc

A leading U.K. sports promotion, marketing and merchandising company, Fighters Inc organizes major international events ranging from martial arts competitions to supporting a large number of youth activities.

Sucker Punch

Producer: Joe Long
Director: Malcolm Martin
Cast: Gordon Alexander, Danny John-Jules, Antonio Fargas, Tamer Hassan, Ian “The Machine” Freeman
Year of Production: 2007
Running Time: 91’

Charles Buchinsky (Gordon Alexander – THE PURIFIERS) is looking to settle an old score with gangland boss Victor Maitland (Ian “The Machine” Freeman). In order to get to Maitland, Buchinsky will have to fight his way to the top, and is in need of a promoter. Down-on-his-luck promoter Ray “Harley” Davidson (Danny John-Jules – BLADE 2, RED DWARF) is equally in need of a fighter. Together Buchinsky and Ray work their way up the bare-knuckle fight world to a final reckoning with Maitland.