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UK box-set DVD release on Oct 15th.

Soon to be released in Australia and New Zealand by Freemantle Media.

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Russia's War - Blood upon the Snow

Producer: Alexander Surikov – Soyuz Kino Service
Year of Production: 1994
Running time: 10 x 52’
Genre: Documentary series
Russia’s War – Blood Upon The Snow documents the background and events of the Second World War from the perspective of the Soviet Union.   Produced by Alexander Surikov – Soyuz Kino Service with film footage never previously seen outside the USSR.   

As the former head of Soviet production entity Sovinfilm, Alexander Surikov had unique access to the Soviet film archives, revealing for the very first time - not only to audiences outside the Soviet Union, but to audiences in Russia as well graphic details of the struggle against the Nazis.  

The programme also shows the internal conflicts within the Soviet government leadership and among the senior commanders in the field, conflicts with their Western allies, and most revealingly, the perceptions of the war on the front line in the Baltic states and the Ukraine where the realities of Nazi invasion were often countered by national aspirations of independence from the Soviet Union.
The series is introduced by Henry Kissinger, and is narrated by Nigel Hawthorne.   The programme is unique in presenting a view of the Second World War which has seldom been seen and understood.

Other major international productions from Sovinfilm/Soyuz Kino Service were CHERNOBYL: THE FINAL WARNING (1991), with Jon Voigt and Jason Robards,  PETER THE GREAT (1986), mini-series with Franco Nero, the multi-award winning DERSU UZALA (1975) in collaboration with Akira Kurosawa, and WATERLOO (1970), starring Rod Steiger, Virginia McKenna, Christopher Plummer.