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Arrow Films
Peter Sellers "Double Bill"

neil and Alex AgranOne of the U.K.’s leading distribution companies, Arrow Films is owned and directed by Neil and Alex Agran.   Arrow Films is a major theatrical distribution company in Britain and distributes an extensive library of films for DVD and broadcast internationally.

Arrow Films has allowed TLMS to represent two classic Peter Sellers films in selected territories.

Trial and Error

Poster - Trial and Error

Starring: Peter Sellers, Richard Attenborough
Director: James Hill
Producer: Dimitri de Grunwald
Year of Production: 1962
Running Time: 96'

This delightful satirical comedy shows Peter Sellers at his ridiculous best.  Sellers plays Wilfred Morganhall, an inept English barrister defending his first case in court – an open and shut murder trial. Richard Attenborough plays the defendant whose wife drove him over the edge. With his client clearly guilty, Morganhall (Sellers) imagines a variety of improbable and increasingly ridiculous defence strategies. This is classic Sellers comedy genius which was well established before “Clouseau.” The film is based on the play The Dock Brief by John Mortimer of Rumpole of the Bailey fame.

The Millionairess

Poster - the millionairess

Starring: Peter Sellers, Sophia Loren, Vittorio De Sica
Director: Anthony Asquith
Produced: Dimitri de Grunwald
Year of Prod: 1960
Running Time: 90'

Spoilt, wealthy heiress played by the stunningly beautiful Sophia Loren, can buy whatever she wants – and she is looking to find a husband. Ipifania Parerga (Sophia Loren) meets a poor Indian doctor, Dr. Ahmed el Kabir (Peter Sellers) who she knows is the man for her. Although very much in love with her, he is terrified of being in her power and foils all attempts on her part to win him over. Only by setting an endurance test for each other are they able to be sure of their true feelings. Based on the play by George Bernard Shaw, the script was written by Oscar-winner Wolf Mankowitz.