Our Films

Tony Lytle Media Sales represents an eclectic mix of ground-breaking films that continue to entertain and amaze viewers year after year.

Our films include recognized masterpieces from directors such as John Cassavetes, Brian De Palma, and Derek Jarman, as well as stunning performances from Gena Rowlands, Matt Dillon, and Ben Gazzara just to name a few.

We are actively expanding the catalogue, so please consult our website regularly, www.tonylytlemedia.com for the latest news.

The Cassavetes Collection

A year never goes by without seeing these five John Cassavetes films exhibited at major Film Festivals and retrospectives, Torino, Moscow, and New York being recent examples. Given the originality of Cassavetes’ direction, the ground-breaking use of the camera, and the intensity of the breathtaking performances it is easy to understand how these films continue to thrill audiences.

Bristol Media Library

Industry veteran, Tony Manne, has been able to combine the experience of many years as a major American studio senior executive with his finger on the pulse of developments in the international and independent film world. The Bristol Media Film Library represents an eclectic mix of established international hits and films from talented newcomers.

Adelphi Films

All of these wonderful British cinema classics of the ‘50s have, with the help of the BFI, have been lovingly and painstakingly restored from the original negatives, and are now available in High Definition. The restoration process is continuing¸ more films from the Adelphi library will become available soon. This was a very special period in the history of British cinema, in which Adelphi Films presented the cream of British talent.

The Grade Company

Britain's most celebrated movie mogul, Lord Lew Grade, is unique in his achievements in both film and television. His television works from Robin Hood, The Saint, The Persuaders , Jesus of Nazareth, and The Muppets, and his films such as The Eagle Has Landed, Voyage of the Damned, and the Oscar-winning On Golden Pond and Sophie's Choice, are well known, and continue to be enjoyed throughout the world. Lord Grade enjoyed a long and successful collaboration with producer/director John Hough on numerous films and television projects.

Peter Sellers Classics

Arrow Films has allowed TLMS to represent two classic Peter Sellers films in selected territories. One of the U.K.’s leading distribution companies, Arrow Films is owned and directed by Neil and Alex Agran. Arrow Films is a major theatrical distribution company in Britain and distributes an extensive library of films for DVD and broadcast internationally.

Derek Jarman Films

SEBASTIANE and JUBILEE represent Jarman’s two most powerful and influential films. Always controversial, both in terms of the subject matter as well as in the visual context. A total “original,” Jarman’s origin as a painter is reflected by the stunning imagery on the screen.

Fighters Inc

A leading U.K. sports promotion, marketing and merchandising company, Fighters Inc organizes major international events ranging from martial arts competitions to supporting a large number of youth activities.