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With a career debut in 1968 with Atlantic Records, Lou Lofredo has a well-established prominence in music production record distribution, and music publishing, with major artists and composers and long-standing affiliations with most of the major record labels.

Lou’s career includes many major successes with recording and music publishing companies such as Capital Records, RCA Records, Arista Records, Hughes Leisure Group, and K-Tel, among others. Over the past 20 years, Lou has expanded his operation into programme sales and distribution, representing such successful companies as Peter Pan, Passport and UAV. Lou currently represents a large number of music libraries with a combined list of over 60,000 songs in all genres and including major well-known hits he has produced. For example, please have a look at just one website, which controls over 30,000 titles.

This volume of material is an invaluable source of music for film and television producers throughout the world. Lofredo Inc. can expedite and simplify the music synchronization licensing process at tremendous benefit to film and television producers.

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